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Golden Gate

Kiev Ukraine

Golden Gate was built in 1037 during the reign of Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev.

St. Andrew's Descent

Kiev Ukraine

According to legend, St. Andrew's descent got its name from Saint Andrew the First-Called.

Deribasovskaya Street

Odessa Ukraine

Deribasovskaya is a symbol of South Palmyra, and if you want to see the most beautiful and interesting sights of Odessa town, then it is worth going on this street.

Duke de Richelieu

Odessa Ukraine

The monument, of the founders of the city, Duke de Richelieu on the Promenade is one of the main attractions of Odessa.









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Map of Kiev

Map of Kiev subway

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Ukrainian girls

Ukraine is famous for its beautiful girls and many foreigners come here to meet them. We are not saying that you shouldn’t do that but just be careful not to meet a fraud.

If you met your girlfriend online and want to come and meet her in Ukraine you should know:

1. If she asks you for expensive gifts, she’s probably using you. And you are definitely not the first and only one boyfriend of hers. You might be just a business project for her.
2. If the girl is asking money to treat her relatives or friends – this might be also a fraud.
3. If your girlfriend is asking you for money there’s no doubt that she has same relationship with other men.

If you are looking for serious relationship you shouldn’t spent much money at once on this girl. If she is really interested in you she will be ready to spend time with you “for free”.

If sex is all you are looking for – be cautious! As a rule, all girls who are ready for such relationship are willing to get as much money from you as possible.

Also you should be very careful about the accidental acquaintances (that you didn’t initiate) in restaurants and bars. There is a possibility that you may be poisoned by adding a pill in you glass (hypnotic pill, or hallucinogenic pill) and then mugged.  

The ending to all these stories is the same – girl will take all your money and your stuff. The same story with prostitutes. They tend to do the same thing.

If you are at the table with a stranger (girl you just met) keep an eye on your glas and your food.

In any case it is better to look for girlfriends using the marriage agency.


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