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Golden Gate

Kiev Ukraine

Golden Gate was built in 1037 during the reign of Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev.

St. Andrew's Descent

Kiev Ukraine

According to legend, St. Andrew's descent got its name from Saint Andrew the First-Called.

Deribasovskaya Street

Odessa Ukraine

Deribasovskaya is a symbol of South Palmyra, and if you want to see the most beautiful and interesting sights of Odessa town, then it is worth going on this street.

Duke de Richelieu

Odessa Ukraine

The monument, of the founders of the city, Duke de Richelieu on the Promenade is one of the main attractions of Odessa.









Map of Ukraine


Map of Lvov

Weather in Lvov



Lvov pictorial gallery

Lvov pictorial gallery

Lvov pictorial gallery – is a very big artistic museum in Ukraine.

The Lvov pictorial gallery occupies the leading place among the artistic museums of our country. It has paintings, sculptures, and artworks, fine arts pieces by local, soviet and foreign masters since XIV century.

The idea of creating such a museum appeared in XIX century. At that time the intellectuals were having big debates about the creation of such a museum of European arts. In 1902 the authorities of the city made the first step. They created an article in the city’s budget that was supposed to give money to buy pieces of art.

The first articles that were bought were created by Polish painters Leopolsky “Acern’s Death”, “Mean”, Vigjyvalsky “Strike”, Mateiko. First the exposition of the gallery occupied a few buildings and only later, 1914, it received its own house. The building used to belong to the professor of Lvov University Vladislav Lozinsky.

The gallery consists of such parts: the department of Italian art, the department of Spanish art, the department of the Netherlands and Flanders, the art of Holland, the art of Germany, the art of Austria, the art of Poland, the art of France, the art of Hungary and Czech Republic, the art of the countries of the Far East, the art of Russian empire, Fine Arts.

The funds of the museum count more than 58000 items that represent more than 40 countries of the world. In the department of western European art there are works by Rubenz, Titsiane, Goyi, Rober etc. today the gallery covers the area of 15000 square meters. Every year more than 350000 people visit the gallery.

Telephone: (+38 032) 272 39 48

Address: Stefanyka Street 3

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