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Golden Gate

Kiev Ukraine

Golden Gate was built in 1037 during the reign of Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev.

St. Andrew's Descent

Kiev Ukraine

According to legend, St. Andrew's descent got its name from Saint Andrew the First-Called.

Deribasovskaya Street

Odessa Ukraine

Deribasovskaya is a symbol of South Palmyra, and if you want to see the most beautiful and interesting sights of Odessa town, then it is worth going on this street.

Duke de Richelieu

Odessa Ukraine

The monument, of the founders of the city, Duke de Richelieu on the Promenade is one of the main attractions of Odessa.









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Map of Lvov

Weather in Lvov



Ivan Franko Park

Ivan Franko Park

The Ivana Franko Park is located in front of the main building of the Ivan Franko University in the central part of the city. It covers the territory of 11,6hectares. It is considered to be one of the oldest parks in Lvov, as well as one of the oldest parks in Ukraine.

The history of creation of this park dates back to XVI century. It occupies the place where used to be city fields. These fields used to belong to Yan Sholz Vofovitch who began building a garden. In some time Sholz gave this garden to his son-in-law Antonio Massari who owned one of the houses on Ploshcha Rynok. Massari reorganized the garden in Venetian style, created terraces and offered this garden to the town. In 1864 the park was temporary given to Jesuit monks who started building their monastery in Lvov at that time. They built the plant that produced bricks and a brewery in the park. That’s why people used to call this park Jesuit Garden and Jesuit farm.

The Austrian authorities occupied the park in 1773. In 1835 the terrace was built in the middle of the park that is still there. The central path lain was laid in 1886. The trees were also planted during this period.

During the pre-war period the park had a different name – Kostiushko Park – to honor Polish rebel Tadeush Kostiushko.

During the soviet period the park got another name – Franko Park – to honor famous writer Ivan Franko who lived across the street from the park (1878-1979). In 1964 the monument to Ivan Franko was installed in front of the university.

Today in the Franko Park you can find the Ukrainian union of nature protection, the gardener’s house, the terrace and kids’ playground with carousels.


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